Best Ever Time Tracking Software

Clockfie is a time tracking tool that enables teams to maximize their productivity

Time tracking made easy

Clockfie is a time tracking app that gives the benefits of scheduling and time tracking in one handy tool. Using this automatic time tracker, you can record when each member is working so you know when they take breaks and improve individual and overall team performance.


Clockfie offers insight on how to be more engaged with your team and recognize those performing well. By measuring and analyzing how your team spends its time, you’ll be able to maintain better morale across groups and keep track of the time they spend on projects.

Better for Employees

When your employees see how tracking their time gives them valuable knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses when overwhelmed and underutilized. Clockfie enables you to view important metrics across the entire organization, providing insight into the vitality of each department.

More Productive

Happiness leads to productivity, which is why employees at companies that invest this heavily in their satisfaction see a ground-breaking 200% boost in employee productivity. Clockfie creates a flexible work environment that allows you and your team to work the way best for everyone with time tracking and work schedule monitoring.