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Track attendance and working hours accurately

Real-time employee attendance tracking

Attendance tracking software saves time and simplifies organization. You can see any event in minutes after it occurs based on 100% touchless monitoring. This system is secure and transparent, always letting you know how your employees are doing.

Intelligent analysis of attendance data

Instantly track your employees to know who is coming late, leaving early, skipping hours, or not logging time. You will also get charts showing you what percentage of the employees vary from the projected schedule for any given period.

Flexible and automatic time tracker

With the Clockfie app, you can keep records of your employee's working hours and breaks on the go. You can find out not only when they started and stopped each day but also information about the in-between time. Dozens of reports will give you complete transparency.

Insightful productivity analyzer

Clockfie helps you optimize employee productivity by providing reports based on activity level, app or website usage, and screenshots. With in-depth insights into your team's work trends, Clockfie can provide information to help you understand your employee's strengths and weaknesses and find the perfect candidate to take on that one task that no one wants to do.