Best Employee Monitoring Software

Clockfie is a remote employee monitoring system. The software automatically records the number of hours a remote worker spends on assigned projects and takes screenshots to allow you to monitor what he/she's working on now. Activity reports show if he/she was actively working on the program so that you can maximize resources in your company.

Keep Track of All Your Employee's Activities

With Clockfie remote employee monitoring software, it's easy to see what your remote employees are working on in real-time. The software randomly snaps screenshots of remote employees' computers and saves them on our server for you to review. You can customize the time interval at which these screenshots are captured. You can turn off screens if you want to monitor only the time remotely.

Track Remote Employees' Activity

Clockfie measures both idle and productive hours your remote team members have worked. You can create a report that displays what employees have been doing with their time, either working on a specific task or taking a break. This software changes how companies manage their remote workers.

Easy-to-Use System

Clockfie helps business owners give their remote employees feedback with ease. A complete tracking software, Clockfie, will show you if your time spent on work is accurate. Manipulating the clock has become surprisingly prevalent over the past years, so an easy-to-use system will give you peace of mind knowing they are being productive.